by on June 5, 2020
As the end of corona holidays are near, the world rejoices as life returns to its normal route. People are also filled with apprehension. With some countries like South Korea, Taiwan, Georgia, etc have managed to contain the outbreak of COVID 19, other countries are still reeling from this pandemic. The death toll as of June is 380265 and still infecting millions.  India despite sincere effort has been unable to contain it with the death toll due to the coronavirus rose to 5598. As vaccination o...
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by on June 3, 2020
Businesses did what was right due to COVID-19. Shutting down their PoS stores, retail shops, and non-essential deliveries and working from home till the threat was over-was a right decision.  In reality, however, it is like leaping from one stone to another and letting the stones sink as soon as you step on them.  It is what happened with businesses across the world. They wanted their employees to be safe, but instead of that, their business and revenue went for a toss. As I type this, most of t...
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